Why Businesses should use ChatBots

Chatbots enable businesses to grow communities of engaged and responsive users.
Personalized, Instant and reply to customer queries with the aid of technology.

E-Commerce Ready

Allow customers to search for products, access payment options and complete smooth online transactions.

Integrated Content Management System

Integrates with existing user-interfaces(UI), making it simple for companies to create and manage content for their community.

Customer Engagement Channel

Host and promote raffle promos, offer loyalty programs, and conduct surverys that help improve brand engagement over time.

Seamless Customer Service

Automated replies for frequent queries allow for quick and easy customer interactions while lowering customer service operating costs.

AI, Analytics and Reporting

Chatbots can learn and gather data from previous interactions, provide companies valuable information on their users and allow the creation of better and more targeted content.

Our Clients

Skincare bot for product benefits

Push contents, product benefits & how to use tops, list of prices

Bot for customer inquiries and directory

Card Coverages, accredited Hospitals and Clinics directory, service/product notification.

Chatbot-based raffle promo

Verification function, resgitration and entry status wheather valid or invalid, broadcasts ( electronic draw schedule and winners)

Content bot to push notifications

Broadcast the latest local & international news, advisories & alerts

Customer Support Bot

Allows a handover of the bot ordering system to a customer support representative and vice versa.

Game Bot

Fun and casual games ideal for promos, rewards and user engagements.

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